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Las Vegas – Cirque du soleil

We spent the afternoon wandering the main Las Vegas strip and got lost in Caesar’s Palace. It took us a couple of hours and miles of walking to finally get out. The day had a super finish, though: we attended a fabulous Cirque du soleil show–“Ka” at the MGM Grand hotel. And what a grand theater it is. We had big cushy seats with speakers embedded in the backs and the staging was way more elaborate than the travelling shows we’ve seen in Seattle. It didn’t hurt to have that nearly half gallon piña colada to go with our popcorn.

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Bryce Canyon – Utah

Tuesday (April 17) we drove from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon National Park, staying at the Bryce Canyon Lodge. We had time to walk around a bit before night fall and see the stunning hoodoos at sunset. Wednesday morning was brisk and windy. The blustery weather added excitement to the short hikes we took to take in still more surreal scenery. By mid-day it was off to Zion.

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Hoover Dam


After a morning round of golf, we joined the Fusco’s in a trip to Hoover Dam.

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