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Wet Halloween

With only a couple, short breaks in the rain we had just fifteen trick-or-treat visitors this year. Thus, we have a major left-overs problem:halloween_2016

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Nice Fall Sunset

We’ve had a lot of rainy days but tonight we got a short reprieve and a beautiful sunset.


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It’s been another mostly rainy, gray day. So what to do? Bake. Ham and broccoli quiche for dinner tonight.quiche_1050669

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Weekend Rain

We didn’t get the predicted big wind storm but there was a lot of rain. Two-and-a-half inches Thursday and another three inches Friday through Sunday. That’s already more than the average for the entire month of October.

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Pemaquid Lighthouse

This afternoon we visited the famous Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, first constructed in 1827. Here’s Trisha with her long-time friend, Rose Bensen.rose_trisha_pemaquid_lh_b

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Acadia National Park

We spent the whole day driving around Acadia. It is as beautiful… no more so, than we expected. This is a spot called Eagle Lake:


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In Bar Harbor

We’re on the third floor of a quite new Hampton Inn with a balcony overlooking the harbor. Pretty nice view!


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Maine Trip

After the five-hour flight to Boston and overnight in Saugus, here’s┬áthe itinerary for our Maine/Acadia National Park trip.


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