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Last Day at Microsoft

I don’t know if 14.5 years can “fly by” but it sure doesn’t seem like I spent that long at Microsoft. The last day went by in the blink of an eye too. For some reason I visited my very first office then set about doing final weeding of email and saved files. By then it was the traditional farewell event with cake, wine, etc. And what a delightful surprise. Folks I hadn’t worked with for years took the trouble to stop by to say good bye. Here I am just a hour or so before final check out. I must say, it felt very strange leaving the building without an employee ID. It’s definitely going to take some time to adjust.

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Evergreen Indexing Launched

I set up my book indexing web site today: I registered the domain and put together the web pages with I’m using this photo from last winter as the company logo. With Kindle, the Nook and the iPad, printed books may soon be dead but I hope they hang around long enough for me to do a few indexes. It has always been my favorite task. I recently purchased SkyIndex and used it to compile an index for Dave Pelz’s Damage Control, a tome on how to recover from all those terrible golf shots we hackers make.

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Where’s Winter?

It’s official… it was the warmest Seattle January ever. The average temperature was 47 degrees and it didn’t get below freezing even once at the official Airport weather station. The typical January average temperature is 41.3 degrees and last year it was a bit cooler than that. Even with the mild weather, the persistent rain and short days resulted in just two rounds of golf for the month, well short of the four to five I usually get in.

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