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Dickinson to Billings

Today was a leisurely 318-mile drive from Dickinson, ND to Billings, MT.  We arrived early enough to stop by Zoo Montana which turned out to be a disappointment. There were few animals although the two bears were entertaining.


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TRNP – Day Two

We spent all morning and part of the afternoon in the South section of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The terrain was a bit more interesting than the North section and we say countless bison –some very up-close–, wild horses, and prairie dogs.

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Made it! North Dakota

We arrived in Medora in early afternoon, with enough time for a short visit stop the Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit Visitor Center to get our bearings.  In addition to countless prairie dogs, we also saw some lovely wild horses.


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First Photo Sale

My Alaska grizzly bear photo sold today on Adobe Stock: my first. I get a whopping $0.33 commission.grizzly_0986_b

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Horses in Pasture

I was driving to Snoqualmie Falls to take a few pictures when I noticed the two horses in the pasture in front of Mt. Si. We often see these critters on our way to the gym each morning and it was nice to get a good photo of them.mt_si_w_horses_0209


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Pesky Hawk

The back yard hawk has been around quite frequently this winter. He was back again this morning, perched just outside Trisha’s office window.


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Winter Just Keeps Coming

The snow from January just melted away last week and now we get another inch or so….

Back yard and some of the juncos queued up waiting for me to clear the patio and for Trisha to put out some seed.

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