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The first small leg of our trip went very smoothly. Landed in Juneau early in the afternoon, picked up our rental car and spent a couple of hours at the Mendenhall glacier just a few miles north of the airport. The weather, however, is a bit of a shock: it’s about 82 degrees. For dinner, we took the Mt. Roberts Tram and ate with a lovely  view of the Juneau harbor.

Mendenhall_Glacier_0617 Juneau_harbor_from_Mt_Roberts_Tram_0661 (1 of 1)

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Finally On to Alaska

Gee… We began planning this trip just after Christmas. Way too much lead time even for an obsessive type like me. We leave for the airport in a couple of hours and expect to be at the foot of the Mendenhall Glacier by mid afternoon.


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I don’t have any yard tasks today and I’m taking a day off from golf so I decided to try to get some pictures of the back yard birds. Here’s one I like:


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Last of the Rhoddies

Most of our rhododendrons are fading so I wanted to get at least one photo of one of our little “Sneezy” varieties. The leaves, as always, are a little nibbled on but the blooms have a wonderful color.

Sneezy_0801_sharp Likewise, the lilies in the waterfall are just about to lose their flowers:

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Whew! Seven Rounds of Golf in Eight Days.

I drove over the mountains to the Suncadia Resort on Friday the 15th to escape the gloomy skies here in North Bend. Since then I’ve played two more round there and four here at Mt. Si. My spree wrapped up nicely yesterday with an 80, my best score this year.

Foggy 2nd Tee at Mt. Si

Foggy 2nd Tee at Mt. Si

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Finally. Tanager Photo.

We first spied tanagers in the yard a couple of years back but they are quite shy and I’ve never seen them with camera in hand. Then this past weekend I almost got one while shooting flowers. Finally, this morning one was visiting the finch feeder just outside the family room and I was able to get a few images through the glass. Not great resolution but still it’s nice to have a digital memento of this lovely critter’s visit.


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Latest Puzzle

This fireplace scene turned out to be one of the easiest puzzles we’ve done. Only the gray areas were challenging. Still fun.


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Another Trip to Gamble Sands

Ron Hillis and I did an overnight, Tuesday/Wednesday, two-rounds trip to Gamble Sands. The weather was great except for the gusty winds; breezy enough to be annoying. I shot so-so rounds of 91 and 88, in each outing suffering from just a few bad holes but otherwise playing ok. We did see a couple of snakes and I got a photo of this handsome fellow on the 17th fairway this afternoon.


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