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Ugh! Tough Puzzle

We just grew tired of this one. Not enough well-defined edges and too many similar colorations.


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Denali Puzzle

We went overboard with this puzzle. It was a very difficult one to assemble and it has sentimental value: we bought it at Denali National Park. So we felt we should preserve it. So here it is, nicely framed. This is one of the many national parks poster created by artists working in the Federal Art Project between 1938 and 1943.



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Redwoods Puzzle

We’ve had a long hiatus from jigsaw puzzles but with the now more frequent rainy days and impending dental surgey I decided to dive into our supplies. This one depicts Elk Prairie in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, one of our stops on last month’s redwoods adventure.



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Latest Puzzle – The Music Room

Really enjoyed this one. There are lots of odd instruments and the varied geometry made searching for pieces interesting.


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Latest Puzzle

This fireplace scene turned out to be one of the easiest puzzles we’ve done. Only the gray areas were challenging. Still fun.


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Olde Bookstore Puzzle

There is a series of these kinds of puzzles depicting “olde” settings: candy store, grandpa’s garage, grandma’s kitchen, etc.  This one is the Olde Bookstore. The bookshelves and pictures over the arch were very difficult.


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Another Puzzle

…another missing piece!  Geez, this is the second of the last four puzzles where we’ve ended up with a missing piece.


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US Map Puzzle

We enjoyed this one immensely. It was great fun identifying the places we have visited and lived, and admitting how little we know about the geography of the eastern half of the U.S. This puzzle also added little false leads by including duplicates of well-know place names Charleston, SC and Charleston, WV. Very sneaky. At 1500 pieces it kept us busy for two weeks.


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Attic Puzzle

I was surprised by this puzzle. I didn’t think it would be much fun but it turned out to have all kinds of little details that I like and enough distinct lines and colors to make it doable. It only took about a week, though, so we’ll be on to the next one soon.


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Library Puzzle

I’m not sure why we enjoyed this puzzle. It was tedious to be sure but still had enough fascinating details I guess. Like a little mouse peeking through the balcony railing and the mounted butterflies on the wall.


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