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Day off – Golf – Mariners’ Game

Took the day off to do a practice round in preparation for the weekend tournament. The good news: I shot a solid 85. Bad news: I probably can’t play that well two days in a row. Trisha and I headed off to a Mariners’ game getting to the park early enough for a Dixie’s BBQ pre-game meal. We splurged and got Terrace Club seats. I’ll never go back to the bleachers again. What a comfy way to watch a ball game: nice padded seats, carpeted areas around the adjacent concession stands, TV monitors just few feet away to view replays, and an occasional foul ball coming our way. The only down side was the pathetic performance by the Mariners. It was a pretty dull game after that 7 run, 8 hit, 47 pitch top of the first by the Tigers.

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$4.14 a gallon!

Ughh! Just bought gas at $4.139 a gallon. That’s up about twenty cents since Saturday. I bet gas will be $5/gal. by July 4th.

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Golf – Memorial Day at Mt. Si

Mt. Si (white tees); teed off at 3:35. Shot a shakey 50 on the front (featuring an 8 on #1 and a 9 on #7). Rebounded with a 40 on the back nine. Could have been better except for that missed par putt from 2 feet on #17. Only hit 5 fairways.

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Memorial Day weekend

Yard work all day Sunday: cut grass, weeding, edging. Plants look great this year now that the elk fence is up. Cooked burgers over the grill for the first time this year. More weeding on Monday; Trisha weeded flagstones on patio. Golf in the late afternoon.

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Travel back to WA from New Mexico

Wake up at 5:30 a.m. for return flight Albuquerque to Seattle. Arrived pretty much on time and took limo back to North Bend. A glorious day in Washington, temp in 70’s. Good to be home after ten days travelling. Grass is at least 6 inches high.

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New Mexico trip – Durango to Albuquerque

Long drive back to Albuquerque (215 miles). Cold morning leaving Durango and hit snow for a while about two hours outside of Albuquerque. Visited the Petroglyph National Monument on the outskits of town and stopped by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. We had hoped to have dinner at the High Finance restaurant atop Sandia Peak overlooking Albuquerque but high winds closed the tram for the evening. We settled for a nice steakhouse (The Cooperage) where Trisha has steak and shimp scampi and I did steak and crab legs. Of course, there was a successful hunt for Baskin-Robbins after dinner.

—» Here are a few photos of the petroglyphs near Albuquerque.

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New Mexico trip – Durango–Silverton Railroad

Took the 9:00 train from Durango to Silverton. Started out as a beautiful day but about two hours into the trip we got rain and then snow, lots of snow. We were in an outside, open-to-the-air car and it was really cold. Cruising along at 20 mph in the snow at over 8,000 feet was quite the bracing experience. Silverton is an old mining town with just one paved road. We headed immediately for the local sporting goods store to purchase additional layers of clothes and gloves for the return trip. Cold and snow aside, the scenery was fabulous.

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New Mexico trip – Mesa Verde Natl Park

Drove from Durango, CO 50 miles west to Mesa Verde National Park. Wow! What a place. Dozens of elaborate cliff dwellings nestled into the mesa and canyon walls at over 7,000 feet. We took the guided walking tour to the fabulous Cliff Palace site.By the way, you get to this place from above down a hundred or so steps from the left then back up (on the far right of the photo) via wooden ladders and thousand-year old steps and hand-holds hewn into the rocks by the Ancient Pueblan indians. It’s a pretty thrilling little walk.

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New Mexico trip – Chaco Culture Natl Park

Long day: Santa Fe to Chaco Culture National Historical Park then to Durango, Colorado. The last few miles to Chaco Canyon were an adventure: unpaved, washboard dirt road for 13 miles. But what a cool place! This is a shot of a portion of the huge “Pueblo Bonito” site.

In Durango, we stayed at the Doubletree Hotel in a comfy corner room with a patio overlooking the Animas River.

—» Here’s an album of Chaco Canyon photos.

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New Mexico trip – Bandelier Natl Monument

Drove from Santa Fe to Bandelier NM ( Afternoon on to Los Alamos where we spent some time in the Bradbury Science Museum and watched a movie about the development of the atomic bomb and history of the city.
—» Album of Bandelier photos.

Back in Santa Fe we had time to browse a few more galleries and finished the day with dinner at Inn of the Anasazi in Santa Fe to celebrate my birthday.

—» Here are some photos of some sculptures we liked.

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