Day off – Golf – Mariners’ Game

Took the day off to do a practice round in preparation for the weekend tournament. The good news: I shot a solid 85. Bad news: I probably can’t play that well two days in a row. Trisha and I headed off to a Mariners’ game getting to the park early enough for a Dixie’s BBQ pre-game meal. We splurged and got Terrace Club seats. I’ll never go back to the bleachers again. What a comfy way to watch a ball game: nice padded seats, carpeted areas around the adjacent concession stands, TV monitors just few feet away to view replays, and an occasional foul ball coming our way. The only down side was the pathetic performance by the Mariners. It was a pretty dull game after that 7 run, 8 hit, 47 pitch top of the first by the Tigers.

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