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First Rhoddy

Our rhododendron seem to be late coming out, at least compared to some I’ve seen elsewhere… even around the neighborhood. But here’s one of the Long Beach varieties, the first to bloom this year.rhododendron_10760

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Yikes! Rain

It’s already one of the wettest years in Seattle history.


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Squirrel Deportations Continue

I captured three more gray squirrels today and transferred them to the other side of the river. Our bird seed should last a lot longer now but I think there are still a couple of them hanging around nearby.


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Battling the Squirrels

The big gray squirrels have become quit the pests now that they are so numerous: I counted seven on the patio few days ago. So I put out the trap I bought a while back and got the first captive within fifteen minutes.


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Wettest Seattle Winter

The “official” rainy season runs from October 1 to March 1. And we’ve just had the wettest five-month season in Seattle history with 38.22 inches of rainfall, about 13 inches above average. And the long-term forecast calls for more rain for most of March!

Wettest Water Year

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