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New Fridge

Our Electrolux refrigerator has been a bit of a lemon since day one. A few weeks ago the ice maker quite working and error codes appeared on the display so we decided to give up on it and get a new one. So here it is: a huge Kenmore. Hopefully this one will last as long as we do.


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After a full day in the yard cleaning up yesterday’s fallen tree I was just about the head into the house when a bird flew right in front of me and landed in the nearby cedar. I peered in and saw what I thought was ababy owl; it seemed so small.  It was already nearly dark but I grabbed my camera and did my best to get some photos.  Only after I got them onto the computer and brightened them up a did I realize the little critter had killed one of the birds feeding on our patio and was apparently getting ready for a meal. I think it was a Northern Pygmy Owl.


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Stormy Day & Night

We were getting ready to bring in the bird feeders for the night and I switched on the outside lights and glanced out the window when one of the three large fir trees on the west edge of the yard crashed down just on the edge of the patio… only about 12 feet from the house. What a sight. It took a couple of major limbs from our Japanese maple and kind of crushed the bird bath but otherwise no harm done. Whew!fallen_tree_02140


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Snow on Mt Si

I couldn’t tell yesterday if the snow level was low enough to get to the peak of Mt. Si but it sure did this morning. The official low here was 43 degrees and Mt Si had a clear dusting well below its 4167-foot top.


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Tooth Extraction

dj_dentistIt was an early (4:30 a.m. alarm) and exciting morning. Off to get my back lower left molar extracted and prepped for an implant. It all went remarkably well: no pain, just some unpleasant pushing and pulling. I was disappointed the pre-op drugs didn’t have a more dramatic effect. I was kind of hoping for hallucinations and temporary amnesia.

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It’s that Time of the Year: First Snow on the Mountain

The higher elevations have had several snowy days but this morning we got our first glimpse of white in the foothills, at about 3,000 feet I think (although the Weather Service says 4,000).


Snow on Mt. Teneriffe

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