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Horses in Pasture

I was driving to Snoqualmie Falls to take a few pictures when I noticed the two horses in the pasture in front of Mt. Si. We often see these critters on our way to the gym each morning and it was nice to get a good photo of them.mt_si_w_horses_0209


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Pastoral Rumination

On the way to the gym this morning I stopped to snap a photo of Mt. Si and was greeted with much excited mooing.


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Snow on Mt Si

I couldn’t tell yesterday if the snow level was low enough to get to the peak of Mt. Si but it sure did this morning. The official low here was 43 degrees and Mt Si had a clear dusting well below its 4167-foot top.


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Chrsitmas Eve

We got a nice break in the weather today; it’s cool with a few peeks of sunshine.  Just enough to get a glimpse of the snow on the mountains.  We took advantage of the pleasant conditions to deliver our traditional Christmas cookies to the neighbors.


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Beautiful Fall Afternoon

Yes, it’s been rainy and gray most of the time…  But there are these occasional glimpses of fall in the foothills that help us get through the endless gloom. Looks like it might be a good night for the trick-or-treaters.


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