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It’s Been a Wet Fall

Very rainy last three months of 2015.


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Yes! A Strange Weather Year

Summary in today’s Seattle Times confirms it’s been a strange weather year. Certainly it’s been abnormally warm:


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It Has Been Very Rainy

I see that since November 1st, rainfall total has been 18.43 inches; the second heaviest rainfall for that period ever.

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Pastoral Rumination

On the way to the gym this morning I stopped to snap a photo of Mt. Si and was greeted with much excited mooing.


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Snow Glow

After a couple of hours of heavy, wet snow tree branches are sagging low to the ground. With the Christmas lights in front of the house, it made for a pleasing vista through the living room window.


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Snowy Mt. Rainier

These kinds of numbers always impress me:


Nine feet! The Weather Service also noted that Mt. Rainer will be colder (-18 degrees) tonight than the South Pole.

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2015 Christmas Letter


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