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It’s Been a Wet Fall

Very rainy last three months of 2015.


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Yes! A Strange Weather Year

Summary in today’s Seattle Times confirms it’s been a strange weather year. Certainly it’s been abnormally warm:


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It Has Been Very Rainy

I see that since November 1st, rainfall total has been 18.43 inches; the second heaviest rainfall for that period ever.

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Pastoral Rumination

On the way to the gym this morning I stopped to snap a photo of Mt. Si and was greeted with much excited mooing.


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Snow Glow

After a couple of hours of heavy, wet snow tree branches are sagging low to the ground. With the Christmas lights in front of the house, it made for a pleasing vista through the living room window.


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Snowy Mt. Rainier

These kinds of numbers always impress me:


Nine feet! The Weather Service also noted that Mt. Rainer will be colder (-18 degrees) tonight than the South Pole.

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2015 Christmas Letter


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Ugh! Tough Puzzle

We just grew tired of this one. Not enough well-defined edges and too many similar colorations.


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Denali Puzzle

We went overboard with this puzzle. It was a very difficult one to assemble and it has sentimental value: we bought it at Denali National Park. So we felt we should preserve it. So here it is, nicely framed. This is one of the many national parks poster created by artists working in the Federal Art Project between 1938 and 1943.



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December Rain Record


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