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A Hint of Spring

The deer ferns are starting to appear, one of the first plants to emerge from winter dormancy.  I think the way the little spiral shoots unfurl is so elegant.

Deer fern in our back yard

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Just Too Cute

Can’t resist this photo…  Mom and offspring at a nearby Snoqualmie farm.  Click photo for a large version.



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Spring Golf, Good Start

Mount Si from the 14th green

After lots of practice last week, I got in two rounds on Monday and Tuesday this week shooting satisfying scores of 83 and 86 at Mt. Si.  As I was sipping my morning coffee today the sky cleared and I decided to sneak in an unscheduled round.  It was a truly scrumptious morning.  I passed one threesome on the third hole and had the course to myself the rest of the way. After yesterday’s steady rain, the grass was an intense green and Mt. Si almost glowed in the early sunshine.  I saw one eagle, a woodpecker and numerous ducks and geese.  Over the back nine I fired up an all-Bach internet radio station on my cell phone and added some glorious music to the already bucolic setting.  And I shot another 83!


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45 years ago today

Second place in shot put, Toledo v. Cincinnati; not bad for a 5′ 8″, 180-lb sophomore (click image to enlarge).


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Sun? Eventually

There’s hope for some peaks of sunshine late in the week.  We need it. The ground is just mush after I don’t know how many consecutive days of rain.

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The Passing of “Caballo Blanco”

El Caballo Blanco

I might not even have noticed today’s news about the death of Micah True, the legendary ultra marathoner known as “Caballo Blanco, had I not just a couple of months ago listened to the book “Born to Run.”  Caballo was clearly a one-of-a-kind character and somewhat of a godfather to the ultra running community.  In what little I’ve read about him he seems like a soul that found his way early on in the simple act of running. I can totally understand it.

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Elk, Golf, Rain

I was up early for an April 1st scramble tournament at Mt. Si.  On my way in I passed two large herd of elk just across the street from the course.  It’s such a treat to see these lovely big critters up close, just enjoying the morning.  I had an OK golf outing in spite of the brisk and occasionally drizzly weather.  My team did well enough ending up in a tie for fourth place overall, and third place for the front nine.  I won a whopping $6.38 and a free lunch.

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