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Fern Garden at Rest

We are working on clearing out old fern fronds and other winter cleanup (since it looks like it we will have an early spring). I took this photo of the fern-less fern garden to compare to June or so when all 15-some ferns have emerged.


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Landscaping Underway

With tree removal and cleanup mostly complete, we acquired a magnolia and snobell to fill in along our western property line and added 6 yards of topsoil. Things will look ok come spring and really nice in seasons to come as these two mature and flower.


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I took advantage of an unexpected nice weather day to play a round at Mt. Si. I had an excellent start going par-par-par-birdie for the first four holes. My short game was not very sharp on the back nine and I settled for an 86. Happy enough for this time of year.

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Stump Grinding

Had a couple of stumps ground out today.


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