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Excellent Outing

Saturday morning I was up and out early for a round of golf at Jefferson Park. I arrived too late to warm up and things started out badly losing my first tee shot of the day. I never recovered and felt awkward all morning, finishing the final two holes in a steady rain and limping in with a sorry 97.

But Sunday after watching five hours of Ryder Cup matches the clouds lifted and I was off to Mt. Si where I had the course pretty much to myself. And what a great finish to the weekend. I logged a rock-solid three-over-par 39 on the front nine and ended up with a best-this-year score of 81 with eleven pars.

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More Bear Sightings

It sounds like our ursine visitor (see August 5th post) has decided to stay around the neighborhood. There have been several sightings of Mr. Bear raiding trash cans and bird feeders over the past couple of weeks. One neighbor also found the corpse of a deer fawn and we fear it’s the same little guy we’ve spotted several times in June and July (see posts of June 29 and July 9). We’re bringing in all the bird feeders every night and moving about carefully around the yard after sunset.

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