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Truly Unbelieveable

The first half of the game was so bad I stopped watching and just listened to the audio.  And today, almost twenty-four hours later I still can’t comprehend how the Seahawks came out on top.  Seattle’s perseverance was splendid and the Packers’ ineptitude inexplicable.  But the result was superb.


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This season is the last for the Pacific Northwest Ballet‘s Maurice Sendak staging of The Nutcracker so we decided to make it our first ballet experience. After negotiating the terrible traffic and a typically rainy Seattle night we were delighted by the performance.  The staging was fabulous and the dancing mesmerizing.  Great fun!


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Cavalia – Odysseo

Odysseo PosterFor the second year in a row, we ignored the spring downpour and ventured off to Marymoor Park to see the Cavalia show.  This production, titled Odysseo, was indeed spectacular although the fantastic staging and acrobats overshadowed in some ways the magnificent horses.  Still, it was a breathtaking evening and those horses are just so beautiful. And I’m always amazed by the logistics of this endeavor: 66 horses, 52 performers, a 125-foot high tent, a lake that forms during the closing scenes. All very wondrous.

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Mallards Finished

We completed the 1,000-piece Mallards puzzle rather quickly… except for the final 250 pieces or so of sky: all subtle shades of blue, white, beige, and gray.


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Celtic Evening

Weavers_ticketsA lively performance of traditional Scottish music is a great tonic for the dreary Seattle winter weather. Tonight we attended a concert by the Tannahill Weavers at the cozy Kirkland Performance Center. The band began performing in 1968(!) and we previously saw them in Ann Arbor around 1993, I think. They were as good as I remember and very energetic given this was their seventh show in eight days.

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Wolves Puzzle

Wolves_straightenedWe liked this one.  This thousand-piece puzzle had lots of great color and some interesting vegetation surrounding the featured wolves.

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Woodpeckers’ Puzzle

After our success with the Brittanys puzzle I couldn’t wait to do another one. We found a great subject: pileated woodpeckers. It was quite challenging: 1,000 pieces with the two adult bird bodies consisting mostly of slight shades of black! But it ended up being a lovely picture and it only took us six days to do.

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Puzzling Brittanys

For Christmas, Trisha got me a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring two Brittanys tracking a pheasant.  This appealed of course to my obsessive/compulsive tendencies and for a whole week we spent innumerable hours hovering over the dining room table. I recall doing many jigsaw puzzles as a kid and they are just as addictive now as then. Those Brittanys are regal beasts, though.


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The Lone Ranger Rides Again

deppSaw The Lone Ranger this afternoon at the super comfy new Regal Theaters in Issaquah.  As usual, the professional critics got it all wrong.  I like Johnny Depp and his Tonto was spectacular on many levels.  Here’s my review posted on Fandango

Critics be damned.  This movie is a hoot.  The stunts get a little tiresome but I loved Depp’s Sancho Panza-esque Tonto along side the Quixotic Lone Ranger.  I don’t understand the reviewers wondering how Depp and Disney will recover from this “debacle.”  Along with all the trite portrayals of evil corporate big wigs and rampant violence there are hints of profound questions about what motivates an ostracized Tonto to hang around a hapless white guy.  Depp’s bizarre character reminds me of Jeremy Brett’s neurotic Sherlock Holmes. In the end, though, you can ignore all that and just enjoy the subtle wit, understated dialog, and ridiculous stunts.  



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Cirque du Soleil Does It Again

Tonight we made another trek to Marymoor Park to see Cirque du Soleil‘s Amaluna. Every time we see a Cirque show I’m amazed that it’s just as beautiful and exciting as the previous one. The music, costumes and makeup for Amaluna were particularly wonderful, especially the lizard-man character, Cali. These shows are so well done; everything is just perfect. What a fun night!

Trisha tries a Cirque mask


Cali, the lizard-man


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