The Lone Ranger Rides Again

deppSaw The Lone Ranger this afternoon at the super comfy new Regal Theaters in Issaquah.  As usual, the professional critics got it all wrong.  I like Johnny Depp and his Tonto was spectacular on many levels.  Here’s my review posted on Fandango

Critics be damned.  This movie is a hoot.  The stunts get a little tiresome but I loved Depp’s Sancho Panza-esque Tonto along side the Quixotic Lone Ranger.  I don’t understand the reviewers wondering how Depp and Disney will recover from this “debacle.”  Along with all the trite portrayals of evil corporate big wigs and rampant violence there are hints of profound questions about what motivates an ostracized Tonto to hang around a hapless white guy.  Depp’s bizarre character reminds me of Jeremy Brett’s neurotic Sherlock Holmes. In the end, though, you can ignore all that and just enjoy the subtle wit, understated dialog, and ridiculous stunts.  



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