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Beautiful Fall Afternoon

Yes, it’s been rainy and gray most of the time…  But there are these occasional glimpses of fall in the foothills that help us get through the endless gloom. Looks like it might be a good night for the trick-or-treaters.


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Shady Lane Maple Tree

It has rained nearly every day since we returned from California so the sunny break today was most pleasant. After I cut the grass, I noticed the afternoon sun on our newest maple tree in the area we call Shady Lane.  It’s there to some day provide the shade that we lost when we removed the oversized firs a while back.  This guy is starting to spread nicely and the fall leaves are spectacular.


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Tropical Birds Puzzle

Very colorful…


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Fall Rain Is Back

From this evening’s Seattle Times

Rain shatters record — and more is on the way

“Even by Rainy City standards, it was unusually wet in Seattle on Wednesday.

By 3 p.m., 0.89 inches of rain had fallen at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, breaking the previous record of 0.87 inches set Oct. 22,1985, according to the National Weather Service. Slightly more than an inch of rain was recorded in Seattle’s Sand Point neighborhood at 4 p.m., shattering the 1989 record of 0.79 inches.”

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Break in Early Fall Rain

It’s late October and we’re entering the seasonal pattern of strings of rainy days.  There was a brief break this morning so I raced to the golf course and got in a quick round (with a satisfactory 86). On the way home I snapped this view of the afternoon sun on Mt. Si.


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Home is Nice Too

After our trips we always seem to find new appreciation of where we live. There are so many beautiful places but this little corner of the world is pretty nice too.  Here’s a view of late afternoon yesterday and sunrise this morning.

Mt_Si_0752 sunrise_0755

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Death Valley – Ubehebe Crater

Almost on a whim we decided to check out the Ubehebe Crater at the northern-most end of the park.  What a great surprise.  The crater is very impressive as are the views in all directions from the crater’s edge.  ⇒photos


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Death Valley – Badwater Basin, Devil’s Golf Course

Badwater Basin is the epitome of Death Valley: salt flats at the lowest point in North America… 282 feet below sea level.  On the way to Badwater we stopped at the famous Devil’s Golf Course.

⇒ photos

Me at the Devil's Golf Course

Me at the Devil’s Golf Course

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Death Valley – Dante’s View

Dante’s View is just 15 miles or so from Furnace Creek and at 5,500 feet it offers great views of the Death Valley Basin (including the Devil’s Golf Course). I hiked about half a mile south to get better panoramic views of the valley.

Dante's View; Devil's Golf Course on valley floor, Panamint Mtns.


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Death Valley – Zabriskie Point Sunrise

All the guide books say it’s the thing to do so we got up early and made the short drive from Furnace Creek to Zabriskie Point to watch the sunrise. It was definitely worth it.  Death Valley is not nearly as colorful as Capitol Reef, Canyonlands or the Grand Canyon but the rising sun certainly painted some lovely tones on the mountains and weird geologic formations. ⇒photos



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