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Record Cold-Already

According the the NWS, it was a very chilly day:

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It’s not going to be THAT much…. maybe a little more than 0.1 inches, but the showers Sunday and today are the first meaningful rainfall since April 14th. That’s 150 days!

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Terribe Air

smokey_sun_1013601Worst Seattle air ever! This is the sun around 4:00 pm.


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July WAS Hot


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Hot Day

I thought it felt pretty toasty today.


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Hints of Spring

I’ve been playing pretty terrible golf but these little bright spots along the course make for a good day any way. These crocus are next to the 13th tee box at Mt. Si.


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Winter Morning

Mt_Si_snowy_sun_1000288_bI’m definitely tired of winter but this morning after our gym session we got this view on the way home.


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