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Seattle’s Warmest January Ever

I see reports that the first half of January was the warmest such period in Seattle history (records go back to 1890). The average daily temperature for the first 16 days of the month was 51.8; the normal average is 42! Last year it was 45.

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Record Cold-Already

According the the NWS, it was a very chilly day:

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It’s not going to be THAT much…. maybe a little more than 0.1 inches, but the showers Sunday and today are the first meaningful rainfall since April 14th. That’s 150 days!

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Terribe Air

smokey_sun_1013601Worst Seattle air ever! This is the sun around 4:00 pm.


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July WAS Hot


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Hot Day

I thought it felt pretty toasty today.


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Hints of Spring

I’ve been playing pretty terrible golf but these little bright spots along the course make for a good day any way. These crocus are next to the 13th tee box at Mt. Si.


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