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July Golf Summary

I played OK golf for July with two 80’s and a 77 at Mt. Si.  I was especially happy with the 91, 84 day at Gold Mountain on the 24th.  The combined 175 was seven strokes better than my previous best double back in 2009.

Date Course Score
July 3 Elk Run (blue) 87
July 6 Mt. Si (white) 80
July 7 Mt. Si (white) 93
July 9 Mt. Si (white) 82
July 11 Bellevue (blue) 87
July 13 Mt. Si (blue) 83
July 17 Mt. Si (white) 77
July 19 Mt. Si (blue) 80
July 24 Gold Mountain-Olympic (white) 91
July 24 Gold Mountain-Cascade (white) 84
July 26 Mt. Si (white) 81
July 30 Maplewood (blue) 86
12 rounds 6 courses – average score 84.3

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Golf Lesson

I have never felt that I benefited much from golf lessons; heaven knows I’ve taken scores of them from half a dozen different instructors.  But my game seems kind of stuck especially off the tee where I just don’t hit enough fairways.  So I decided to try Matt Campbell, the head golf pro at Mt. Si GC.  I felt like I got more out of this session than any other I’ve ever had.  The key points were very basic: more athletic stance at setup, swing from the feet up, relax arms and upper body, and stand closer to the ball at address.  I certainly zinged a bunch of solid shots during the lesson. We’ll see if it carries over to the course over the next few weeks.

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