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As I headed out for my 7:37 tee time the dashboard showed 36 degrees. As I strode down the second fairway there was even a bit of frost on the ground. I love fall in Washington. I had a so-so round of golf –shooting 88 at Mt. Si— but what a spectacular late September morning.

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Euphorbia Revenge

One of my weekend tasks was to remove a very large Euphorbia plant from the back yard. It’s an old-timer we’d had for many years and it had kind of overwhelmed it’s space. We decided just to eradicate it totally. After a little digging and cutting the huge tuberous roots were in the recycle bag and body of the plant in the compost pile. I felt a little sting as I wiped the perspiration form my right eye and headed into the house to watch the Seahawks game. Within an hour or so I was in agony. I somehow got a bit of the euphorbia sap into my eye. A couple of hours in the emergency room provided some relief. A visit to the ophthamologist on Monday morning confirmed mild damage that would heal in a couple of weeks. I never thought of gardening as a hazardous hobby.

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Sad Day

Trisha and I were saddened to read the news of the death of Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary. Her voice and those many classic songs always bring back memories of that tumultuous period of 1965-69 which corresponded exactly with my four years as an undergraduate at the University of Toledo.

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