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Over Seattle

We had hoped to do a seaplane fly-over around Mt. Rainier but about 20 minutes after take-off it we got word the mountain was clouded over.  So we spent about an hour ove Seattle and east over Mt. Si and North Bend.


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Cookie Break

Alyssa and Abby worked incredibly hard on our patio rehab so I thoughtaa_and_db_w_cookies we should take a break for bake some cookies. I’m sure I had more fun than they did. Great smiles, though.

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Alyssa & Abby Take a Break

After spending a few hours clearing grass from between the patio flagstones, the girls needed a break:


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Alyssa & Abby Arrive

Alyssa and Abby arrived today, apparently not at all fatigued after an already long day’s travel.abby_alyssa_1030700

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Final Riding Lesson

Today was our final lesson for the summer.

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More Horsing Around

We signed up for a couple of private lessons for just Trisha and me. This time we are on Roy, a mammoth animal but very well-mannered.david_on_roy_02827

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The Bear is Back

The neighborhood is getting visits from a large black bear. We don’t usually see these critters in the summer. This one is quite bold and not easily shooed away.


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David Riding Horses

I got on a horse today for the first time since I was about nine years old. After having watched Trisha for the past few weeks I didn’t feel too intimidated. I’m not sure Cash, the horse, was very impressed though.


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I’m fascinated by bees. There’s something kind of mystical about them; the interdependence they have with flowers and how dedicated they are. Here’s one in our front yard today.bee_1030275


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Trisha back in the saddle

Another trip to Widbey Island. Trisha was given more freedom to handle the horse today.


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