Wet Year

So it was a very wet 2017. From the Seattle Weather Blog


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Christmas Snow

A real Seattle rarity: a white Christmas. This is what it looked like at first light this morning.


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79 Again!

Inexplicable. After recording a ho-hum 86 yesterday, I pared 6 of the last 7 holes (and 12 in total) for another 79. And got a cool photo of the first tee to boot!


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Weather Extremes Continue


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Another Wet Winter?

It looks like we will pass the average November rainfall figure today after an above-average rainy October. And look at those stats for last February-March-April!


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With the ever so damp weather we’ve been having, I expected Michel Cote and I would end up canceling our round of golf today. But when I got up, there was just a little drizzle so we decided to tee off and if it rained we’d just bail out to Starbuck’s for lattes. Instead, the weather was passable and I shot an effortless 79. Seven bogeys, eleven pars. Not even a sniff at a penalty stroke and no heroic chips ins of super long putts. It’s my fifth round under 80 this year (after none in 2015-2016).P1010035_lum

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Yep! Snow Already


Gee! After last winter the last thing I wanted to see was the earliest Seattle snowfall in 42 years.


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