July WAS Hot


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North Cascades

With Trisha’s sister, Tessa, we drove the North Cascades Highway to Ross Lake. I must say, I was underwhelmed. Ross Lake is nice enough but otherwise the scenery was not very impressive.North_Cascades_1011841

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Hot Day

I thought it felt pretty toasty today.


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Stump Removal

It doesn’t look like much but it took about 5 hours of digging and sawing to get this 25-year-old stump out of the ground. And it still weighs around 100 pounds.


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Hints of Spring

I’ve been playing pretty terrible golf but these little bright spots along the course make for a good day any way. These crocus are next to the 13th tee box at Mt. Si.


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Elk Herd

I passed by the elk today after golf… at a spot where I’ve never seen them before: in the pasture adjacent to Mt. Si Sports and Fitness.


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Winter Morning

Mt_Si_snowy_sun_1000288_bI’m definitely tired of winter but this morning after our gym session we got this view on the way home.


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