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New Irons

I finally heeded the advice of my golf coach and decided to get custom-fit irons. Picked them up today; will be very interested to see if they improve my game.golf_new_irons

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Hints of Spring

I’ve been playing pretty terrible golf but these little bright spots along the course make for a good day any way. These crocus are next to the 13th tee box at Mt. Si.


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79 Again!

Inexplicable. After recording a ho-hum 86 yesterday, I pared 6 of the last 7 holes (and 12 in total) for another 79. And got a cool photo of the first tee to boot!


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With the ever so damp weather we’ve been having, I expected Michel Cote and I would end up canceling our round of golf today. But when I got up, there was just a little drizzle so we decided to tee off and if it rained we’d just bail out to Starbuck’s for lattes. Instead, the weather was passable and I shot an effortless 79. Seven bogeys, eleven pars. Not even a sniff at a penalty stroke and no heroic chips ins of super long putts. It’s my fifth round under 80 this year (after none in 2015-2016).P1010035_lum

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Golf Handicap Index down to 11.5

What a slog it’s been. Since getting down to 11.6 in September of 2014, my handicap had pretty much trended upward, hitting 16.6 in September of last year and was still at 16.4 in mid May. Maybe the persistent lessons are actually helping. Due to the never-ending winter of 2016-2017, I ended of playing way fewer rounds that I had planned this year. I’m going to be curious to see what spring 2018 brings.

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Mt. Si Morning

With the summer heat finally dissipating, it was a cool and gorgeous morning. Here’s a shot from the 5th fairway at the Mt. Si Golf Course.

On the way to the course, the elk were a grazing in the morning fog:

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Second Eagle in Ten Days

Geez! Golf is a weird game. I played 1,320 rounds of golf and recorded exactly one eagle. I got my second one on August 24. Today I scored by third, and second in ten days. This time at the 14th hole at Mt. Si, the one with the elevated green so I didn’t get to see the ball go into the hole. In fact, we looked around the green for about five minutes until I decided to look there. ┬áSo I had one eagle in my first 23,000 or so holes and now two in the last 72.

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Golf Handicap Down to 11.8

My handicap index eked down to 11.8, lowest since August of 2013.


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Second Eagle

I recorded my second eagle ever in over 1,300 rounds of golf. In the midst of a stellar one-over par 37 on the back nine at Mt. Si, I one-hopped in a sand wedge from about seventy yards on the par-four 15th hole.

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Lowest Handicap Index since 2013

My USGA handicap came in a 12.2 today, the lowest since October of 2013.

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