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Twenty Years Ago Today

I was in about my second week at Microsoft when Windows 95 officially launched.  It was a big deal on the corporate campus with Jay Leno MCing the event. It seems like just a few days ago and then again it seems like eons in the past.  Our two decades in Washington have passed ever so quickly.



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Dow Record

I still can’t get over how the stock market has recovered from the 2007-08 crash.  Today’s close of 15,747 is 9,240 points up from the Great Recession low of 6,507 on March 9, 2009; just 1,704 days ago.

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Dow 15,000

I never would have imagined this kind of run-up in the stock market. By the end of 2008 I expected it might take ten years for the market to recover and for us to recoup our losses. I like this chart from the Wall Street Journal that chronicles the DJIA march from 8000 to 15000:



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Microsoft Fumbles Again

Good Grief!  The EU has fined Microsoft $730 million for failure to give users the option to select a Web browser other than Internet Explorer.  And Microsoft admits they did it.  “Yep. We screwed up. A technical oversight.”

When are heads going to roll in Redmond?  

  • A decade of flat stock price in the biggest bull market in history.
  • More than a decade without a truly new product.
  • Complete failure in the smart phone and tablet products.
  • Over $3 billion in fines paid to the EU.
  • Billions squandered is useless acquisitions.

What other company in the world with this kind of litany of failures still has the same CEO?


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