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Endless Winter

Gee! The winter that just won’t end. We’ve had overnight snowfalls FIVE nights in a row now featuring about five inches last night in just a little over 30 minutes. I see it’s now the second wettest winter in Seattle history and one of the snowiest.p1000580

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Golf Lesson

I gave up waiting for good weather and decided to begin golf lessons anyway. After a three-and-a-half month hiatus, I didn’t feel totally clumsy but there is a lot of work to do. I’ve signed up for a six-month coaching package hoping that regular feedback and guidance will make a difference this season.


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Snoqualmie Falls

With all the winter rain and snow I expected lots more flow over the Falls. Even so, I got at least one decent photo for my efforts.falls_0239

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Horses in Pasture

I was driving to Snoqualmie Falls to take a few pictures when I noticed the two horses in the pasture in front of Mt. Si. We often see these critters on our way to the gym each morning and it was nice to get a good photo of them.mt_si_w_horses_0209


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Big Snow Melt

The big snow fall from just a couple of days ago has already melted; the temperature got up to 48 degrees today.


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Pesky Hawk

The back yard hawk has been around quite frequently this winter. He was back again this morning, perched just outside Trisha’s office window.


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Another big Dumping of Snow


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Winter Just Keeps Coming

The snow from January just melted away last week and now we get another inch or so….

Back yard and some of the juncos queued up waiting for me to clear the patio and for Trisha to put out some seed.

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