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73 Degrees

73That’s what the backyard thermometer read this afternoon.  It was absolutely summer-like. After a 90-minute session on the practice range I spent the entire afternoon moving plants and cleaning up the yard.  Everything looks so lovely after the recent rainy stretch.

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Done with Golf School

It was an exhausting three days. Just me and the instructor, Jim Samsing, a long-time club pro who even at my age can still really whack a golf ball. He also turned out to be a very good coach. We changed virtually everything about my swing. No surprise to me, since I’ve been playing poorly for about eighteen months. I estimate I hit over 1,000 balls over the three days. I came away with a solid understanding of what my swing should look like and a program to try to get there. He’s my new backswing:



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Red Rock Canyon

Following an exhausting first day of golf school, I decided to visit the Red Rock National Conservation Area about 20 miles west of downtown Las Vegas. This has been on my informal list of places to visit. Unfortunately, the light wasn’t very good for photographs but I wandered around a bit and enjoyed the wind-down from the intense six hours plus of golf instruction.


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Golf Academy Day 1

I’m finally here; in Las Vegas ready for three days of intense, one-on-one, golf instruction.  The sunrise seen from my fourth-floor hotel room is surely impressive:


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More Rocks

We’ve been wanting to add a rock border to the west side of the yard. We did the east side a couple of years ago and the front along the driveway last year. Two tons of ledge stone arrived this morning and I hope to finish this weekend.


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Topsoil Refresh

Our gardens needed some additional soil so I spent Thursday through Sunday spreading 10 yards of dirt around the yard: 179 buckets in total. Pretty tired by the end of the day. Here are the last two loads. hauling_dirt

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US Map Puzzle

We enjoyed this one immensely. It was great fun identifying the places we have visited and lived, and admitting how little we know about the geography of the eastern half of the U.S. This puzzle also added little false leads by including duplicates of well-know place names Charleston, SC and Charleston, WV. Very sneaky. At 1500 pieces it kept us busy for two weeks.


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Wow! Warmest Seattle February By a Lot

The average low for the month of February was 43 degrees, besting the previous 1958 mark of 41.7 degrees. The average daily high was 54.5.  And only two rainy days over the last three weeks of the month.

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