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First Snow on the Mountain

The temperature got down to 40 degrees just around sun-up this morning and we saw the first snow on the upper reaches of Mt. Si.  Summer ended so suddenly with the cooler air and rainfall of Friday, October 12.  Two weeks ago the high temp as 72 degrees and this week it looks like we won’t get above 50.  Hopefully we’ll see at least some fall days without rain before real winter sets in.

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Natalie MacMaster – Superb Again

English: Natalie MacMaster - Boarding House Pa...Although scarcely recovered from our trip to Texas we attended a concert by Cape Breton fiddler Natalie MacMaster at the Edmonds Center for the Arts.  It was worth the long drive through rush-hour traffic.  Natalie was terrific.  She played with two of her now long-time band members, pianist Mac Morin and cellist Nathaniel Smith as well as a new percussionist and guitar player.  Perhaps the highlight of the show was the fiddling and dancing of Ms. MacMaster’s six-year-old daughter, Mary Frances, who was just fantastic.  All in all, it was a pleasant evening at a comfortable venue.


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New Wheels

After nearly 140,000 miles, we’ve retired the Volvo station wagon and moved up to an Acura RDX SUV.  We considered several other makes and test drove the Honda CRX and Volvo XC60.  We finally decided the Acura had the most bang for the buck.  Many of the RDX’s standard features were add-ons for the Volvo and the Lexus was just too pricey to begin with.


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Two Rounds at Suncadia

We are still enjoying unseasonably beautiful weather so one of my regular golf buddies -Ron Hillis- and I decided to get in some golf at the lovely Suncada resort just east of the mountains.  The weather was once again spectacular with the fall sun and shadows highlighting the wonderful wooded Prospector course.  We both struggled through a morning round having difficulty adjusting to the challenging and very fast greens.  The region has had virtually no measurable precipitation since June so the greens are absolutely rock hard. I ended up with a 99, my worst round at Prospector with a withering 42 putts.  That stat was caused in part by poor iron play that left me with initial putts of 24, 54, 65, 73, 53, 47 and 62 feet.

After lunch of a foot-long hot dog and root beer I managed a much more satisfying 87 on the afternoon round -my best round at Prospector- with a couple of birdies and 33 putts.

The challenging par 4 fifth hole. The tee box is over the water to the right of the tall evergreen tree.

Here are a few more photos of Suncadia.

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Golf in the Northwest

Sometimes I am surprisingly reminded why I like golf so much.  Sometimes the score really doesn’t matter in spite of how much I want to play well.  Today was one of those days.  I rendezvoused with two golf buddies at the picturesque Druid’s Glen course and was greeted with a dramatic cloud-shrouded Mt. Rainier at sunrise.  These are the kinds of vistas that make Pacific Northwest golf special.

Second fairway at Druid’s Glen

Oh yes, my score. I was doing OK until my tee shot at number nine, denying all laws of physics, inexplicably rolled across the entire width of the fairway and trickled into the hazard.  Frustration got the best of me and I ballooned to a 102, one of my worst scores ever.

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