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Happy Birthday Internet!

Forty years ago today UCLA engineer Charley Kline sent a two character message to colleague Bill Duvall at Stanford, an event regarded as the first Internet transmission. There’s a superb book recounting the efforts of now famous individuals to link multiple computers at various research facilities: Where Wizards Stay Up Late. What’s really fascinating are the numerous problems that had to be solved: after all, everything was being done for the first time.

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Winter Already?

Wow! It was just 89 days ago that we had the 103-degree day. Now it’s not even November yet and we have an early introduction to winter: the first snowfall on Mt. Si. But that was at the end of the day after…. monsoon rains early in the day, an hour of so of sunshine in the afternoon, spectacular thunder and lightening in the early evening followed by hail, then sleet, and finally, around 10:00 a light dusting of snow. Oh, and the first flood warnings too.The strangest weather day in our 14+ years here and the earliest snowfall.

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Another Wedding

We attended Trisha’s niece’s (Katie) wedding today on the Jersey shore. The threatening weather held off just long enough for a lovely ceremony on the beach followed by a yummy feast at the reception.

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