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Grammatical Presidency

At last! A president who speaks in complete sentences. Grammar aside, I’m totally excited at the inauguration of President Obama. I remember watching his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention and thinking “Geez, let’s nominate this guy.” Well, eventually we did and now he’s here in the White House. I thought the day’s Inauguration events were spellbinding. The whole area between the U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial is inspiring anyway and seeing the National Mall packed with millions of cheering citizens was just thrilling.

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Break in the weather… at last

The rain finally let up last night and we even got a peek at the sun a few times this morning. Our neighborhood was spared and even downtown North Bend had only nuisance levels of water. But just a few miles north and west of us things were much worse. This is an aerial photo from the Seattle Times of the Snoqualmie River. The Carnation Golf Course is kind of at the middle left of this photo. I see that the official rainfall for Snoqualmie Pass, about 15 miles east of us on I-90 was, over 17 inches. The Seattle Times has some excellent photos of area flooding.

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"Historic Flooding"…

That was the lead on the local news this evening. The snow finally stopped Monday morning and over the next forty-eight hours the temperature has gone from below freezing to the mid 50s along with non-stop torrential rain. One town near the coast has had over 14 inches of rain in the last day and a half. I-5 will soon be closed south of Tacoma. There was even water over the road leading to the Mt. Si bridge we cross to get home: the first time ever.

Here’s a photo of downtown Snoqualmie where some of you who have visited us have attended church or gone to dinner.

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Still More Snow, and back to work

OK. It’s bad enough to have to get back into the go to work routine after the Christmas-New Years break. But our relentless winter launched the first work week of ’09 with another 4-5 inches of snow topped in the last hour or so with heavy rain.

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Goodbye 2008

I’m glad to see 2008 gone. It was a difficult year health wise and my golf game was generally crumby so I’m looking forward to a fresh start. We spent New Year’s Eve in a somewhat unusual way. After a simple dinner at home we attended two tapings of the NPR radio show “Says You!” at Town Hall in Seattle. We listen to the show often and it was great fun to see the panelists in person and watch the production process. We didn’t get back home until after 11:00 so for the first time in many years we were actually awake for the stroke of midnight. After watching the fireworks at the Space Needle on television we’re thinking it might be worth the effort to see them in person next year.

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