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It’s been another mostly rainy, gray day. So what to do? Bake. Ham and broccoli quiche for dinner tonight.quiche_1050669

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Cookie Break

Alyssa and Abby worked incredibly hard on our patio rehab so I thoughtaa_and_db_w_cookies we should take a break for bake some cookies. I’m sure I had more fun than they did. Great smiles, though.

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Bran Muffins

I’ve had a yearning for bran muffins since I had one on the Alaska Airlines flight to Detroit last month. With the rain keeping me inside and no football games of interest, I whipped up a dozen whole wheat, blueberry, walnut gems. That first one out of the oven was ever so yummy.



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Retirement Delights

… include time to cook.  Tonight we prepared halibut braised in butter with capers, roasted brussels sprouts with pecans and insalata caprese made with Yakima beefsteak tomatoes.  Yumee! A good way to begin Fall.


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Baking for a Cold Week

This time of year we like to have some of my banana bread around for part of a quick breakfast or even an after-dinner dessert.  So I whipped up two loaves this morning.  I have been making this bread since about 1976 or so; it comes from a Sunset bread recipe book I got when living in Iowa City.  It’s still one of my favorite breads.

banana bread

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It’s been a blustery fall day: occasional showers with gusty winds.  A perfect day to cook. After getting a beef/vegetable stew into the crock pot I whipped up a batch of my favorite oatmeal-chocolate chip-coconut cookies.  Yum!


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