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Stump Removal

It doesn’t look like much but it took about 5 hours of digging and sawing to get this 25-year-old stump out of the ground. And it still weighs around 100 pounds.


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Windows Replacement

Getting new windows in dining nook, kitchen, laundry room and stairway landing. Here’s the old design and the crew at work.

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Quite the sunset this evening


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April Fools… Or Spring?

The bleeding heartsbleeding_hearts_0488 seem to think spring is on the way…

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Nice Fall Sunset

We’ve had a lot of rainy days but tonight we got a short reprieve and a beautiful sunset.


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Alyssa & Abby Take a Break

After spending a few hours clearing grass from between the patio flagstones, the girls needed a break:


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I’m fascinated by bees. There’s something kind of mystical about them; the interdependence they have with flowers and how dedicated they are. Here’s one in our front yard today.bee_1030275


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