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Nice Fall Sunset

We’ve had a lot of rainy days but tonight we got a short reprieve and a beautiful sunset.


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Alyssa & Abby Take a Break

After spending a few hours clearing grass from between the patio flagstones, the girls needed a break:


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I’m fascinated by bees. There’s something kind of mystical about them; the interdependence they have with flowers and how dedicated they are. Here’s one in our front yard today.bee_1030275


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Peach Roses

The peach drift roses we put in a year or so ago are so beautiful.peach_rosebud_1356

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Dogwood Blossoms

Spring is officially here. Our dogwoods are in full bloom; this Satomi Pink is absolutely covered in flowers.


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First Rhoddy

Our rhododendron seem to be late coming out, at least compared to some I’ve seen elsewhere… even around the neighborhood. But here’s one of the Long Beach varieties, the first to bloom this year.rhododendron_10760

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Fern Garden at Rest

We are working on clearing out old fern fronds and other winter cleanup (since it looks like it we will have an early spring). I took this photo of the fern-less fern garden to compare to June or so when all 15-some ferns have emerged.


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