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Poof! — It’s Summer

After all the whining about the cool June all of the sudden it’s summer. We had a high of 87 degrees yesterday and right now it’s a toasty 94, breaking the record of 91 set back in 1951. It looks like we’ll soon be back to the more normal mid-70’s for highs within a day or two. Thank goodness.

We had a visit from an orphan baby elk who’s been hanging out in the neighborhood for several weeks now. She’s looking a little better and we’re hopeful she’ll continue to grow and eventually be adopted by one of the local herds.

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Golf – Newcastle GC

Played the China Creek course at the Newcastle Golf Club. The course has spectacular views of downtown Seattle and Bellevue and with a slope rating of 126 it presents a significant challenge to hackers like me. I shot 97 (four better than last year).

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Golf League – June 25

The team had a not so good week; we didn’t play well and got pretty much whipped by one of the lower-ranked teams. I managed to win five of nine holes and win by three strokes with a so-so 47.

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Great Golf Course – Lousy Golf!

With one of my Microsoft golf pals it was up at 4:30 a.m. to catch the ferry to Kingston, WA to play White Horse golf course. Designed by the niece of famed architect Pete Dye, White Horse was named one of the ten best new courses of 2007 and has stirred quite a lot of attention in the area. I wasn’t disappointed. The course is almost fiendishly difficult (138 slope rating with 137 bunkers) but scrumptiously beautiful. Covering over 450 acres each hole is a separate little environment and you seldom see or hear other groups. The wildlife is abundant and Bambi and mom greeted us on the 18th tee (see the attached photos). I struggled mightily on the front nine but recovered for a respectable 46 on the back.

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Iowa City Flood

It’s shocking to see the flooding in Iowa City. I have such great memories of my five years there in graduate school in the mid ’70s. This is a photo of the apartment complex where I lived my first two years there.

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Golf League – June 18

Played a tight match this week but with cautious shots off the tee I won 5 holes, lost 2 and split 2 and won on total strokes with a score of 46: a solid contribution to the team. We totaled 90 points and vaulted back into first place.

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What a weekend!

I was up very early Saturday and Sunday for morning rounds of golf at Washington National and Mt. Si. In spite of my continuing mediocre play both mornings were glorious. Cool, misty and overcast on Saturday; whispy morning fog and deliriously chirping birds on Sunday. The temperature actually got above 60-degrees.

We finally had a couple of more typical Northwest spring days and the plants beckoned. We spent several hours both days pulling weeds and planting new annuals. Late in the afternoon I watched much of the U.S. Open golf tournament and recorded the extra holes on Monday. What an exciting final nine holes.

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Lots of golf ahead

Played my first match in this year’s Microsoft Golf League. Didn’t play great but well enough to win 19 of 28 points for the team. I did miss an 18-inch birdie putt on the ninth hole, though.

Have rounds planned for Saturday and Sunday then the Golf League again next Wednesday and Saturday. It could be ugly if I don’t play better than I have the past few rounds. At least the weather looks to be improving: it’s supposed to hit 60 degrees today and actually stop raining.

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Colder than Siberia!

That’s the headline in this morning’s Seattle Times. This is my last whine about weather but I can’t pass up the observation that yesterday’s high temperature of 58 degrees was lower than the day’s highs in Fairbanks, Alaska, Oslo, Norway, and Tomsk, Siberia.

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Still not spring!

OK; it’s June 6 for goodness sakes! We’re ready for something less than winter at least. The forecast calls for three inches of snow in the mountain passes less than fifteen miles east of us. I’ve always accused the natives of being weather wimps; now I’m one too. Last year the June 6 high temp was 63 degrees; a lot more reasonable than our miserable 50. I see a tiny ray of hope for Sunday:

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