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The Bear is Back

The neighborhood is getting visits from a large black bear. We don’t usually see these critters in the summer. This one is quite bold and not easily shooed away.


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Bear Persistence

We had bear incursions Monday andTuesday nights and again around 4:00 a.m. this morning. What a shock, however, to see this largish black bear on our patio just a few minutes ago.  Worse, he seems totally fearless. First, I pounded on the windows… to no effect. In fact, he approached the sliding door and looked right at me through the glass. I had fortunately closed the screen portion only thirty minutes ago. He backed off, snatched one of the bird feeders and started to chow down. I banged pots together and shouted at him. No effect.  I threw my shoes at him. Unimpressed. Finally, I beaned him with a rock and he ambled away, through the portion of our fence that he tore down to get in.


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