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Woodpeckers Puzzle

This one proved to be the most difficult of the puzzles we’ve done so far.  In addition to the challenge of the similarly-colored birds and tree trunks, it had many very bizarrely-shaped pieces. It is nice, though, and we are thinking of keeping it as a reference for the many woodpecker varieties we see in the backyard.


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Mallards Finished

We completed the 1,000-piece Mallards puzzle rather quickly… except for the final 250 pieces or so of sky: all subtle shades of blue, white, beige, and gray.


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Wolves Puzzle

Wolves_straightenedWe liked this one.  This thousand-piece puzzle had lots of great color and some interesting vegetation surrounding the featured wolves.

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Puzzling Brittanys

For Christmas, Trisha got me a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring two Brittanys tracking a pheasant.  This appealed of course to my obsessive/compulsive tendencies and for a whole week we spent innumerable hours hovering over the dining room table. I recall doing many jigsaw puzzles as a kid and they are just as addictive now as then. Those Brittanys are regal beasts, though.


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