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Little Brown Squirrel

As much as I am annoyed by the plethora of large gray squirrels in our yard, I adore the small brown ones (usually just one). This guy is just so cute.


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Squirrel Deportations Continue

I captured three more gray squirrels today and transferred them to the other side of the river. Our bird seed should last a lot longer now but I think there are still a couple of them hanging around nearby.


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Battling the Squirrels

The big gray squirrels have become quit the pests now that they are so numerous: I counted seven on the patio few days ago. So I put out the trap I bought a while back and got the first captive within fifteen minutes.


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What a Cutie

squirrel_21_JanThe little brown squirrel that spent so many hours eating peanuts in the feeder hanging from our backyard maple was devoured by a hawk last fall.  Then, just a couple of months ago, this little fella appeared and is a regular visitor every day.  He gets a special stash of peanuts in the morning then forages under the bird feeders the rest of the day.

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