Mark Knopfler Concert

What an evening! Knopfler is a magician with the guitar and we loved the simplicity of the concert. The band came on and played 90 minutes non-stop with none of the pointless banter and introductions we endure in so many of these productions. And what a treat to actually see him produce those uniquely Knopfler-esque riffs that we’ve listened to countless times on CD. Thankfully, he played many of our favorites including “Romeo and Juliet,” “Telegraph Road,” and the Dire Straits classic “Sultans of Swing” (first released 30 years ago, can you believe?). The relentless “Speedway at Nazareth” really had the place jumping.

The weather gods also blessed us. A brief shower just before the show let up for a couple of hours and we were treated to a spectacular lightening show with showers on the drive home.
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