Classical Guitar Stars

Ángel RomeroWe attended our first concert of the season, a guitar performance by Ángel Romero and Eliot Fisk at the wonderful Benaroya Hall venue. The two virtuosos lived up to their impressive reputations. Ángel Romero comes from the world-renowned Romero family and played several compositions by his father, Celedonio. I was impressed with how at-one he was with the instrument. The guitar was just an extension of his body and Ángel seemed to exert no effort to keep it in his grasp. Neither Trisha nor I had heard of Eliot Fisk before but he too has impressive credentials. He was one of the last students trained by Andrés Segovia (whom I had the pleasure to hear in concert some twenty years ago) and has been performing professionally for nearly thirty years. The highlight piece of the evening was Mr. Fisk’s solo of Isaac Albéniz‘s “Asturias” from the Suite Española, Op. 47. Hearing it played without an orchestra was a unique experience.

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