Enough Winter Already

We’re having little sympathy watching scenes of winter storms in the Midwest and East. Most of that weather started here and overnight we got the winds and snow the forecasters had warned about. The snow began to fall around 4:00, the wind gradually increased and by 11:30 the power went out. I heard the wind howling and shaking the trees all night. The weather service says winds hit 70 mph over night. Trisha and I dug out in the morning to make a spot to feed the birds and ducks and huddled around the fireplace until electricity was restored just before noon. By then the temperature inside was down to 55 degrees. It was the third time I cleared the driveway in the past six days. It supposed to stay cold with additional snow showers daily through Christmas Day. Two elk have breached the vinyl fence and the north-west corner of the property and I made repairs and stacked dead trees in that area to dissuade them. We’ll see if it works.

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