Northern Half of Yellowstone

Day 6: What a way to spend your birthday. From West Yellowstone we headed north to Mammoth Hot Springs. What a weird and wondrous sight. The formations there are unlike any others in the park. From Mammoth, we headed east to Tower-Roosevelt, then a few miles south to Tower Fall where the road was still closed from winter snow. The afternoon was a long leisurely drive along the Lamar Valley to the Northeast Entrance. We saw many bison and a few pronghorn sheep. Once we turned around to retrace our path back west we were prepared for boring repeat of earlier sights and scenes. But what a great surprise. First, we had to wait for several bison to clear the highway and then, finally, we got to see a mother bear and two adorable cubs. Along with scores of other park visitors we watched the trio nose around for food no more that 200 feet from us. It was a marvelous birthday present to watch these wild critters cavorting in the woods.

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