Whew! A Week of Golf

One of my goals for this summer is to dedicate significant time to my golf game, to see if I can improve my scores and get more consistent. The week of June 13-19, I played three times and practiced on two other days. This past week, I played every day, twice on Friday. So six rounds in five days. By Friday night, I was a zombie. Those six rounds equate to 520 strokes, over 25 hours on my feet, and 20-plus miles walked. With one exception, the quality of play was ok, certainly better than I’ve been doing over the prior year or so. I shot 88, 96, 82, 88, 85, and 90 with pars on 31% of the holes. Putting was generally poor, however. I’ll work on that later. Right now, I’m focused on developing a consistent pre-shot routine and sequence of thoughts prior to and during the swing.

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