It’s Official: April was COLD!

We’re thankful for no tornadoes, floods or earthquakes.  But for golfers and plant lovers April in North Bend was a bizarre weather month.  It was the coldest April since they started keeping weather records in 1891.  There was only one day when the high temperature was over 50 degrees (compared to eight last year).  Worse for the plants, overnight lows were below freezing every night.  As for precipitation, not only did it rain on 20 of the 30 days  –that’s typical– but it snowed on five days.

This past Thursday I was looking at one of those lists of daily high and low temps for U.S. and foreign cities that they publish every day in the Seattle Times.  It has over 140 cities: our day-time high temperature was lower than almost anywhere on the planet…literally.  Only five cities in the list were colder.

Depressingly, the extended forecast is not promising.  Summer is likely to be colder than normal the weather experts say.


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