California-Arizona Trip: Day 2

Sept. 27 – Tuesday – Medford, OR to Mariposa, CA

Lake at Lassen NP

Today turned out to be a little longer than planned. After leaving Medford at 8:15 we made such good time that we decided to take a side trip off I-5 to Lassen Volcanic National Park, east of Redding, CA. This gave us a chance to check off another National Park in our quest to visit them all. Lassen was beautiful and fascinating but it did add a few hours and quite a few miles (564 for the day)  to our day and we didn’t arrive in Mariposa until 7:30. We stayed at a well-worn Best Western motel and ended up getting take-out pizza for dinner from the local Pizza Factory.  The highlight of the day was probably enjoying a quiet lunch at this impossibly blue mountain lake in Lassen.

Here are just 6 photos of Lassen.

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