Hermit Road and Helicopter Tour

View from South Rim near Hopi Point on Hermit Road

Oct. 4 – Tuesday – Grand Canyon National Park
We began the day taking the park shuttle along the Hermit Road and then hiking a 1.5-mile segment right along the Canyon’s edge. Every vista seemed more stunning than the last one. A brief rain squall blew through while we waited for the shuttle at the turn-around point and we thought our afternoon helicopter trip would surely be cancelled.

However, the weather around the helicopter tour route cleared and by 3:00 we were in the air. What a fabulous experience. Seeing the amazing canyons, cliffs, and mesas from above truly completes your appreciates of the beauty and grandeur of the topography. I could finally see the patterns of erosion and formed the Canyon over so many eons.

Colorado River from Helicopter


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