August Golf Summary

August was a good month of golf with glorious weather and 14 rounds of golf.  There were a couple of not very satisfying outings but I had three scores in the 70s and averaged 84.2.  And there was a five-round stretch from the 12th to the 22nd where my average score was 80.2

Date Course Score
Aug. 1 Druid’s Glen (white) 87
Aug. 2 Mt. Si (white) 79
Aug. 6 Mt. Si (blue) 87
Aug. 11 Mt. Si (blue) 87
Aug. 12 Mt. Si (blue) 75
Aug. 14 Mt. Si (white) 81
Aug. 17 Mt. Si (white) 79
Aug. 21 Elk Run (blue) 84
Aug. 22 Mt. Si (white) 82
Aug. 23 Redmond Ridge (white) 92
Aug. 27 Mt. Si (white) 84
Aug. 28 Elk Run (blue) 91
Aug. 29 Mt. Si (white) 86
Aug. 31 Mt. Si (white) 85
14 rounds 4 courses – average score 84.2
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