The largest single area of our gardens is a heavily-shaded 30×60 plot just about in the middle of the wooded back half of our lot.  In the spring of 2010 I thinned out the native sallal and wild vines and blackberries and we planted a few rhododendrons along with four Aucuba.  But it has always looked kind of stark with no real personality.   In a trip to one of the local nurseries Trisha discovered Royal Ferns and brought a few home.  That set off an unplanned planting frenzy featuring the Royal Ferns, Tassel Ferns and Autumn Ferns to go with the rhododendron, Aucuba and some native wood and deer ferns.  We’ve renamed the space “Fernlandia” for the 47 ferns who now live there.  It should be beautiful next spring when this collection emerges and matures.


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