September Golf Summary

Things kind of fell apart in the middle of the month and I took a few non-scoring, practice rounds to try to work things out.  The 98 at Washington National was an odd one.  I had a very consistent 43 on the front nine but then everything broke down and I had a string of double and triple bogeys on the back nine.   I expect my handicap will stay at around 11.0.

Washington National, 9th green – I got a par on this one.

Date Course Score
Sep. 3 Mt. Si (blue) 80
Sep. 4 Maplewood (blue) 86
Sep. 6 Mt. Si (blue) 81
Sep. 10 Mt. Si (white) 83
Sep. 20 Mt. Si (white) 79
Sep. 24 Mt. Si (blue) 84
Sep. 25 Washington National (blue) 98
Sep. 26 Mt. Si (white) 83
8 rounds 3 courses – average score 84.3
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