Windy Golf

Even though it’s Trisha’s birthday, she let me zip out this morning to get in a round of golf.  Looking at the extended weather forecast this might be the last outing for 2012.  I played yesterday in brisk, windy conditions and shot an OK 86.  I felt my swing was coming around some on the back nine so I was doubly anxious to squeeze in another eighteen holes.  It was windier than yesterday; gusts at around 30 mph, I estimate.  Nonetheless, I had a really solid first twelve holes, heading to number 13 just five over par off a rare birdie at the long par five 12th hole featuring a 200-plus yard approach shot to inside two feet.  I also finished the front nine with just 11 putts.

I didn’t hold things together over the final six holes, going +7 to end up with an 84.  But with leaves, twigs and pine cones flying around I was pleased enough. No balls in the woods or river, either.

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