Saguaro National Park East

Our approach back into Phoenix allowed us to pass through the east section of Saguaro National Park and explore the Cactus Forest Drive.  This section of the park is quite different from the West portion with a less dense concentration of Saguaros, more changes in elevation and more rocky vistas. We began the drive with a picnic lunch at the Javelina Picnic Area where we were entertained by birds and spritely little Harris’ Antelope Squirrels.  It was really a pleasant change of pace from the hectic events and long hours in the car of the previous two and a half days. Near the end of the drive, we passed by this beautiful formation called the Javelina Rocks.   Here are some additional photos of the park.

Javelina Rocks, on Cactus Forest Loop Drive

Javelina Rocks, on Cactus Forest Loop Drive

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